Concerned: The Hidden Truth Behind Your Toothpaste Bottom Colour.

Have your ever wondered why your toothpaste(pepsodent or close up) have some colours always at the bottom?Well thats what we are touching on today.

Not many people pay attention to the colour bar placed on the bottom of the toothpaste tube.After reading this article i bet you will the details which will tell you a lot about the toothpaste you are buying.All you need to do is to check the bottom of the tube where you will notice a coloured stripe.

Toothpastes normally have four different stripe colours,depending on their composition.It is good to know the stripe’s meaning in order to know what you are buying.

Here are the meanings behind every colour that you may come across.

Green colour- all natural toothpaste.

Blue colour-combination of natural with medicine.

Red colour-natural plus chemicals.

Black colour-all chemicals.

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