Relationship Fights-4 Things You Should Never Say.#4 Is A Must


Almost all relationships have or have had issues which may lead to a heated arguments.When we wrong our partner in one way or the other and there is dispute among us we get emotional and begin to make utterances that could ruin everything.According to a relationship expert,here are six things you shouln’t say when ever you are engaged in a fight with your partner.

1.We Are Done.When engaged in a fight and you make unnecessary utterances,make sure you don’t say the “word its over” or “we are done” ,those are words reserved for high school and 18 year

2.Describing Genitals.You are wondering why this part? well that mostly happens in a relationship when there is a fight.Insulting your partner about his genitals isn’t something you should ever say.This is something you cant take back,whether your sentiments are right or wrong.

3.You are fat and other body insults.Much like insulting the genitals of your partner,the female body is not something that should be picked on or mocked-Ever-let alone when you are in a fight.If you know your girlfriend really well,then you are likely to know her insecurities.Indeed you will know exactly which are you should target that would both hurt her feelings and make her question her self worth at all at once.

4.You Can’t Satisfy Me. When you are in a fight especially if its not on a topic,the last thing you should ever bring up is any sekzual issues you have been having.Whether you have been faking it or he doesn’t last long in bed.Yeah,bringing up sexual dissatisfaction while you are in a heated argument is not a recipe for hurt feelings.



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