Girls: 5 Secrets You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend.

In every relationship there are some things which are best unknown if not said to your partner.It is the best because certain secrets can cause breakups,conflicts or misunderstanding in every relationship.In view of this we bring you 5 secrets you should never let your boyfriend know.

1.His isn’t the biggest pen’is you have ever seen

Even if you once dated a guy with the biggest prick in town,we don’t want to know.Its best if you keep it to yourself.

2.You hate his parents

A guy’s first love will forever be his parents,so you coming from nowhere to tell him you hate his parents will get you axed out of his life or better.Unless he also said same about yours.

3.You faked orgasm

A guy’s ultimate goal is for you climax during an intercourse to show that he is capable of satisfying her woman or any other.You telling him about faking your orgasm puts him off.

4.You hate his favourite T-shirt

Guys will always be guys because they love to wear what they feel comfortable in,so hating his favourite shirt will be a disaster.

5.The best sex you’ve ever had

Guys wouldn’t want to hear those words from you if he knows he is the only person you have done that with.Simply keep mute to save yourself.



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