This is what the world’s smallest mobile phone looks like.[Photo]

These tiny devices above is believed to be the world’s smallest phone. It has a 0.66 inch screen which makes it the smallest in the world.

According to research these tiny phones are mainly patronized by prisoners who buy them from Amazon.

One review stated that the phone is very tiny and easy to hide.

The teeny phone is 100 percent plastic so it won’t be detected by security devices.It also comes with 13 voice changers.

Former Prison inmate  Carl Cattamole who created the guide to prison survival at said that smuggled phones were everywhere in the prison.

He said “Iphones are rare in the prison. You need to hide them quick and easily so the smaller the better.”

The owner of the company selling the phone described the  phone as ‘Pretty good’-but warned against placing them inside you.

Sadly,you can’t access facebook or whatsapp on and it goes for a cool $36 on Amazon.

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