Why None Of The ‘Good Men’ Stick With You-Sarkodie And Long-time Girlfriend-Tracy’s Relationship As A Case Study-Chris Vincent

I am not a fan of Sarkodie and Tracy’s relationship–simply for the fact that a lot of relationships are perfect depictions of flawless public facade, cleverly hiding private despair.

And I cannot ascertain the veracity or otherwise of this tweet but one thing is clear, men, even musicians are not stupid.

Most reasonable men look for two or three things from women–including myself.

People like me (I mean reasonable men) do not really care about a woman’s bank account, what she does for a living, which family she is from, how long her weave is…

 Also, we do not care about the sort of utopian relationships a lot of women carry about in their minds–as long as they don’t expect us to make that possible.

Guys, generally, want a simple, principled and honest woman. These three things have somewhat become impossible to fetch out of our generation of women.

These days, a woman tells you—oh I have never met that man before and you will find out later, the man was her boyfriend for 6 years, with whom she had 12 abortions. The past doesn’t matter bit when it crops up, just be damnhonest.

A woman tells you; baby, I am off to bed. Something comes up so you make attempt to ‘blow’ her phone–only to be met with BUSY tone.

A lot of our new generation of women spend 23 hours a day on their phones, snap chatting, facebooking or whatsapping. Do they make money from such absurd use of their time and attention? Hell NO!

One of the key reasons why I am with my woman today is because she passed my ‘stupid’ phone test which she didn’t even know about.

Some women cannot even leave their phones unattended to for 5 minutes when the person that matters to call them at aparticular time is right in front of them.

Most guys I know find it annoying when a woman who is not a CEO of a multinational company checks her phone almost every 5 minutes.

Eventually, the reasonable guys walk way–and then these same women begin to brand them with “obnoxious” names.

Look at Tracy in that photo, she looks nothing like the sophistication she carries with her today–so reasonably, Sarkodie was with her for something honest, it can even be how good she was in bed.

The hard truth is; most men don’t really care–all they want is a die or ride woman by their side. A principled woman with a heavy dose of sincerity.

Look at yourself this year and cut down on all the nonsense pretence–embrace the most valuable virtue, HONESTY.

A humble beginning with another person is exceptionally delicious–it comes with a lot of respect. Jump into someone’s gold mine and you are only worth what the person feels like dishing out to you.

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